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Tips for Estate Planning with Second and Subsequent Marriages

October 12, 2019

Second and subsequent marriages are becoming more common these days, particularly as the divorce rate climbs. Couples in later marriages have often been burned before—thanks to youthful naivete or unexpected circumstances—so they know the importance of heading to an estate planning attorney or an expert in guardianship law in Phoenix, AZ. We’ve assembled some tips on making sure you and your significant other are fully protected when you head to the altar or courthouse: Figure out what your priorities are: Deciding on a general financial plan for your life together is the biggest thing you can do to protect both... View Article

Types of Conservatorships for the Elderly

August 2, 2019

Conservatorship is a type of legal process implemented to protect people who are no longer (or never were) capable of caring for themselves, whether due to disability, incapacity or age. The court appoints a legal guardian to care for the person in need (known as a ward), and that guardian will have the authority to make certain decisions on the ward’s behalf while representing their various personal and financial affairs. In many cases, people will include conservatorship information in their estate plans, and their chosen guardian will be ratified by the state. But when no such estate plan exists, the... View Article

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