Special Needs Trusts in Phoenix


Individuals with special needs often are receiving needs-based government benefits, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and ALTCS (Medicaid). These programs place limits on what the special needs individual can own and earn.  

Frequently, special needs individuals receive either an inheritance or recover a settlement or recovery from a lawsuit. Those funds can easily disqualify the individual from needs-based programs. 

Special Needs Trusts in Phoenix may be the solution. Simply by transferring funds to Special Needs Trusts for the disabled in Phoenix, government benefits can continue without interruption.  

A Special Needs Trust may also be the answer to others who wish to gift assets to the special needs individual or leave a bequest to the individual in their will. No longer will those gifts or inheritances disqualify them from government benefits. 

If you or a family member is facing legal issues related to special needs or eligibility for government benefits, you should turn to a Special Needs attorney you can trust. In Phoenix, AZ, that lawyer is Keith R. Lyman of LYMAN LAW. 

Trusts for the Disabled in Phoenix can help to open up a universe of benefits that can enhance the lives of those with disabilities. Only experience and education can equip a special needs lawyer to prepare these documents and implement them properly.  


Keith R. Lyman is experienced with establishing special needs trusts and government benefits. Call to schedule your consultation, and let Keith R. Lyman offer you the compassionate legal service you need. Call us Today!