Trusts in Phoenix


There are many who will prepare a will or trust at minimal cost. Many of those are not lawyers and may not be able to offer you legal advice. That’s only an option if all you are concerned about is cost. 

Like most legal documents, Trusts in Phoenix have profound legal consequences to your estate and your beneficiaries. If you are looking for someone to help you prepare a will or trust, our guess is that you want it done right. 

At LYMAN LAW our focus is on doing it right. As a Living Trust attorney, Mr. Lyman has the legal training and experience to use the correct documents to achieve your objectives. He has devoted years teaching and writing extensively on the subject of estate planning. 

Just like the tools in your tool chest, estate planning documents are intended to be used for specific purposes. Knowing what documents to use, when to use them, and how they affect your objectives, is why you hire a will and trust attorney. Mr. Lyman has considerable experience with Wills in Phoenix. A will and trust lawyer understands the difference between a living will, a will, and a living trust. If you don't get the right answers, a mistake could cause your estate to be handled against your wishes and your property distributed to those you do not intend to receive it, likely at greater expense. 

Like all important decisions, choose your attorney wisely.

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